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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

March on Washington 50 years later block party

Folks arrived on the weekend for the anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington.  They lingered around the steps of the Washington monument lincoln memorial overflowing onto the grass of the World WarII memorial onto the sidewalk and streets leading to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King,  jr. Memorial.  

They listened and gave speeches,  they rallied, they protested, they marched,  they walked, they stood, they sat as participates in the events             supporting their issues.

Their agendas were as varied  as the tee-shirts with slogans, from defending the dream, reform of laws, pro life, gay rights, voting rights, rights of education, economy rights, to prison rights.  So diverse that one could wonder aloud was this march ushering in the first collective march for the future?

But for many who were not among the original marchers of 1963, were witnessing the confusion of still not reaching the ears of those who implemented laws or defined how they moved about the world.  So many voices that you grew silence in trying to have your voice heard. Which song would they sing, which chant would they required a surrendering to the moment, because  Washington policies makers were planning their anniversary on other days.  they don't want to listen to no more we shall overcome.

Our generation will not usher in a more valued sense of self by standing around demanding issues be addressed with placards or another rendition of we shall overcome.    We must believe it like those who gave u the ghost of the past.  Lives were lost in fighting for the dream, not just picking out a teeshirt with a catchy slogan for the day.  They surrendered their lives so that we could wake up to a changing nation.

So the torch was passed to battle the triple threat of war, jobs, and stratification to this generation as they supported one another with little police presence,
The work is far from over,  especially when leaders fail to address the crisis of youth violence, joblessness, resegregation of schools and neighborhoods, and the racial profiling of our citizens that impact their moral decisions.

Young folks showed up and the elderly needed to promote those voices of the young whispering words of encouragement and wisdom in their Struggle to overcome.  It was Trayvon Martin who mobilized this crew of marchers.  The NAACP, the unions,  were leaded by those who refused to forget Martin or a nine year who spoke about his school closure.  They were men and women believing that it was not only their skin color but other issues that divided them among those in power in  Washington.  Let see what tomorrow brings.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flash mob bank ATM robbery..

New York it seems had a flash mob of get the money street thugs swooping up cash in the tune of $45 million dollars. "Tech experts hacked into the system of an Indian company that processes prepaid debit cards. Targeting prepaid MasterCards issued by the United Arab Emirates’ RakBank (National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah), they raised or eliminated withdrawal limits. Then they sent out the account numbers — five, in all — to operatives in 20 different countries, who encoded the data onto magnetic-stripe cards. With cards in hand, the global network of “cashing crews” made 4,500 ATM transactions amounting to $5 million worldwide, which wound up getting laundered via luxury purchases, such as Rolexes and pricey cars."

 An arrest warrant for one of the suspect was issued based on images from a surveillance camera. The suspect was seen withdrawing money from several machines. The suspect was wearing a black sock cap with the name Domino Pizza. The suspect was employed by the pizza chain according to the arrest warrant..go figure..

 This appears to be a copycat scheme frome a 2009 heist. In 2009 over $9 millions were taken from over 2,100 ATMs in 26 cities. A year later, "VIKTOR PLESHCHUK, 28, of St. Petersburg, Russia; SERGEI TŠURIKOV, 25, of Tallinn, Estonia; and OLEG COVELIN, 28, of Chişinău, Moldova, along with an unidentified individual, were indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit computer fraud, computer fraud, and aggravated identity theft. IGOR GRUDIJEV, 31, RONALD TSOI, 31, EVELIN TSOI, 20, and MIHHAIL JEVGENOV, 33, each of Tallinn, Estonia, have been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of access device fraud, "according to the FBI page.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Assata Shakur, collateral damage on the war on President Obama

Assata Shakur, living in Cuba, has become a target in the War on President Obama.  Shakur, is an escaped convicted felon protected as a political and racial prisoner avoiding extradition back to the United States.  Shakur, a member of both the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army and becomes the first woman ever to make the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list .   The pot has been sweetened to encourage a return of Shakur , a $2 million bounty, after some 40 years and  the labeling of her as a terrorist.

This provides a new spin on the United State policies on how we treat those who travel to Cuba.   The facts in this war on President Obama and how we treat those African-Americans who visit  Cuba,  an African-American, woman, connected to the death of state troopers,or committing horrific crimes such as the Tasnaerv brothers in the Boston Marathon killings.

To punish President Obama lackluster attitude toward Cuba and his friend, the political spin becomes, Cuba is harboring terrorists.  By not responding to the request to turn over Shakur, the United States can legally send one of its drone into Cuba and wreck haven.  Shakur just happen to be female, when the others are all males, but she is Black.  We know in America, all women are white.   and blacks are all male, the same designation of the President and his friend (Jay-Z)who recently traveled to Cuba.  If the President does nothing his political opponents suggest he is no different than the Tasnaerv brothers,  successful, but still rooted in his Muslim ties. Simply black, forget about the fact he is our President.

Assanta is no threat at 60 years plus, Assata is the colleratal damage in the war against a black man in the White House.  The spin is directed at President Barack Obama connections to Shakur, Jay-Z, Cuba and the Tasnaerv brothers.   President Obama born in the United States, but his father was foreign born, is the first President with the label of African-American, who can be tied to knowing folks who traveled to a country called Cuba.  Assata is dispensable..she is only a black.  
Lani Guinier tells us what black means in America..the marginalized, those with no political voice.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Please don't be an NRA member or White

Please don't be white.

Giving D. Tsarnaev, his Mirando right to remain silent until the presence of an attorney is being postponed.  Tsarnave is reported to be providing information from his hospital bed to law enforcement because of injury to his throat that prevents him from speaking.  Irony.  D. tsarnanaev is suspected of being the second of the brother duo, the other brother T. Tsarnaev, identified in photo of causing death and maiming at the Boston Marathon did not survive the unprecedented manhunt. 

The  photo of two suspects were released by the FBI and the thin slicing of terrorists certainty begins to unravel.  First, camera photo is not totally clear to erase the prospect that the two could possibly be home grown Terrorists like raced white Timothy McVeigh.  the identify focus on the better narrative, potential  dark skinned, one of India descent, suspects.   But retraction came quickly, and the more acceptable image was indeed albeit foreign born, light skinned suspects .with the added bonus of being tied to a Muslim community as  to conclude that al Qaeda was the ring master.

The terrorist label cleared  the way to round up American citizens by any means necessary, a shelter in place over the State of Boston.   Boston would be put on lockdown to catch these interlopers living amongst true Bostonians. These home grown  enemy combatants might require a little collateral  damage by the legal coercive force flooding the streets to apprehend the suspects.  We saw this in action with the suspect Chris Dorner.  Dorner was easy to track after discovering he was an African-American, former police officer gone bad.   

A roadblock was put into place and cars were searched because Dorner was easily recognizable  in a neighborhood where few if any African-Americans lived.  Dorner would be nihilated in a burnt down cabin with a flash bomb canister.   But, this tactic would not work in an ethic neighborhood, a  home land military style door to door confrontational style would be needed to unmask any potential accomplices or radicalized sympathizers to prevent hauling in the wrong folks.  The fact that one of the suspect had already gone down in a jihad style shootout with 15 officers, there was no telling if more bodies would fall in a neighborhood of sympathizers.  

Ethnic neighbors, some still having ties to international communities knew these were not disgruntled employees, but first generation immigrants working on assimilation immersion. One by one, other first generational immigrants friends came forward from the neighborhood school to speak highly about the two unlikely light skinned terrorists.  Details began to unfold that conflicted with the terrorist experts descriptions of psychopath  suspects.  Young men who worked hard to assimilate into an America that still felt foreign to these first generation foreign born naturalized citizens and not necessary on a Jihad mission. American citizens.

Why do I still not feel safe?