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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

University of Cincinnati police shooting

City is expecting a response from citizens after the release of the body cam of the officer who shot a black man who sped off after a vehicle stop.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sandy Bland's toxicology report points to Cannabis in Jail

@FOX5Atlanta: Experts say Sandra Bland toxicology report raises possibility she used pot in jail.  #

Bland was impaired by marijuana at the time of her death, Goldberger said.

Google+ changes on the way

Jacqueline Credo Dowdell

Insights from Googlers into our products, technology, and the Google culture

iPhone users Google is making some changes to google+

Saturday, July 25, 2015

First time seen photo of 9/11

One of the photo shown for the first time from Dick Cheney's photographer on 9/11. In this photo Cheney's wife appears to be saying, Dick what the hell is really going on?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Suicide while in police custody--Sandra Bland

A police officer stopped Sandra Bland  vehicle for a  failure to use her turn signal when switching lane traffic violation.  A traffic violation which should have been a warning or a traffic ticket for a fine, turned into an what is deemed "driving while black" arrest.

A video dusplats an irritated Bland challenging being asked to put out her cigarette which drew disdain from a police officer.  The officer began to engage Bland in unnecessary conversation for a routine traffic stop.  

The more expressive  Bland became in her remarks, the officer respond began to trigger in the conversation fior probable cause reason for Bland's arrest.  

Bland was taken into custody.  We know she was Haled off to jail.  While in custody Bland died.  Now we are left with questions, such as how did this happen?   
#JusticeForSandy and #WhatHappenedToSandyBland.

The autopsy declares death by suicide.  I questions are endless when wondering how this could happe, if Bland disclosed she had suicidal  tendencies.  Why was detain for three day?  When was she scheduled to appear in court for her preliminary hearing?

Note:  The Department of Public Safety trooper, who has been on the force for just over a year, has been placed on administrative leave for violating unspecified police procedures and the department's courtesy policy.

#Black  or white bag.