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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Assata Shakur, collateral damage on the war on President Obama

Assata Shakur, living in Cuba, has become a target in the War on President Obama.  Shakur, is an escaped convicted felon protected as a political and racial prisoner avoiding extradition back to the United States.  Shakur, a member of both the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army and becomes the first woman ever to make the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list .   The pot has been sweetened to encourage a return of Shakur , a $2 million bounty, after some 40 years and  the labeling of her as a terrorist.

This provides a new spin on the United State policies on how we treat those who travel to Cuba.   The facts in this war on President Obama and how we treat those African-Americans who visit  Cuba,  an African-American, woman, connected to the death of state troopers,or committing horrific crimes such as the Tasnaerv brothers in the Boston Marathon killings.

To punish President Obama lackluster attitude toward Cuba and his friend, the political spin becomes, Cuba is harboring terrorists.  By not responding to the request to turn over Shakur, the United States can legally send one of its drone into Cuba and wreck haven.  Shakur just happen to be female, when the others are all males, but she is Black.  We know in America, all women are white.   and blacks are all male, the same designation of the President and his friend (Jay-Z)who recently traveled to Cuba.  If the President does nothing his political opponents suggest he is no different than the Tasnaerv brothers,  successful, but still rooted in his Muslim ties. Simply black, forget about the fact he is our President.

Assanta is no threat at 60 years plus, Assata is the colleratal damage in the war against a black man in the White House.  The spin is directed at President Barack Obama connections to Shakur, Jay-Z, Cuba and the Tasnaerv brothers.   President Obama born in the United States, but his father was foreign born, is the first President with the label of African-American, who can be tied to knowing folks who traveled to a country called Cuba.  Assata is dispensable..she is only a black.  
Lani Guinier tells us what black means in America..the marginalized, those with no political voice.

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