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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The African-American church ungodly ministers-Bishop Eddie Long

Bishop Eddie Long is rumored to be stepping down from his pulpit at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Bishop Long has been allegedly engaged in extramatrial relationships with young men. The Bishop mega church is host too many of Atlanta prominent and influential African-Americans. Like minded folks tend to support one another. In essence, if one can not be a mountain, folks will attach themselves to the mountain. So, it no surprise that the rapid rise of the church as both a prosperity and political church increased membership to over 25,000 members.

The massive number of members will not be enough to protect Bishop Long from the media scrutiny of the alleged charges levied by multiple young men. The charges that the married Bishop not only engaged in sexual activities with young males, but used church money to shower these young men with gifts. The congregation is being asked to respond, but instead are bond by their oath of silence. The congregation oath of silence is to not question the behavior of the Bishop. The confusion among those watching is understanding how such a large congregation were unable to not protect children. The question needing an answer is not whether or not Bishop Long is a homosexual. But whether or not there are members of leadership who simply sanctioned nappropriate behavior toward children in the church as a part of the body of the church?

To suggest that Gay rights is the issue, is to blame the Gay community for what is wrong with some leadership in some African-American churches. Members who promote the lifestyle of street wrapped in a high-end church membership social status and not with the biblical calling of the congregation. By Bishop Long denouncing the homophobia of the black church it allowed members to not question hpedophiliac behavior amongst its members.. Bishop Long should be required to step down by the membership to protect the church and other children, if true. Bishop Long is alleged to have recruited young males from the church.

The congregation has to do better than explain away such behavior based on the legal age of consensus as being under 17 in Atlanta. The church doctrine does not teach promiscuity as explained by Paul. The teaching of Paul suggest marriage as a choice, when you can no longer control your sexual urges. What I am saying, here is that some in the African-American Christian community are attempting to excuse extramarital behavior in a committed relationship that is taught as sacred. Except when you are caught, than you just ask for forgiveness and no need to learn to temper the behavior. Rumored to be dozens of young men is not a simple fall from grace, but a call for the congregationfor an accounting from leadership. These young folks are saying this is not acceptable behavior to be allowed by members of the African-American church from their so called religious leaders. Will the congregation hear these young folks out or just move their children to another church?

For shame, many of these ministers are closing rank to protect not Bishop Long, but to prevent the media from naming names. By naming names, some other churches and their congregation will hear the cries of their own children who have been silenced by the vows taken by the adults in the body of the church. It is time for them to take back their churches and demand that the such leadershio get out of their pulpits.

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